One could state that Bij’ De Vieze Gasten is, with their social-artistic projects, events and coproductions, the beating heart of one of the most folksy neighborhoods of Ghent, the Brugse Poort. Since the beginning of 2018 Goldmund has refreshed the design of their entire printed visual communication, such as the logo, the three-monthly newsletter, posters & flyers, … Next to that Goldmund has the honour to work as the in-house designer of Bij’ De Vieze Gasten in order to maintain this new consistent message and concept through all of their publications.

The new visual identity shows the cultural and social-artistic programming in a fresh and dynamic way and dares to invigorate the core values of the organisation. The open structure at the base of the new logo does not only represent the openness and curiosity of the project, but it also reflects their active approach to invite people to participate and work together beyond any border. In this way illustrator Jeroen Ceulebroeck made his very own contribution to the artistic part of this assignment by drawing some catchy new icons for each category of the activities.