‘Du begreifst nun’, sagte Goldmund,
‘daß ich nicht verstehen kann,
was Denken ohne Vorstellungen sein soll?’

— From ‘Narziss & Goldmund’, HERMANN HESSE

Goldmund is the graphic design studio of Evelien Gillis, paying a lot of attention to high-quality printing. Based in Ghent, the studio devises mainly book and editorial design and identities for cultural organisations and small commercial companies. Furthermore, we design and develop basic websites and offer photography services to add more value to your project.

With the necessary understanding of your story we will approach design both as a functional and visual experience, including the entire process from concept to a valuable end product. In doing so, we attach the greatest importance to a high standard of typography and pay special attention to tactile materials used in the printing process that will push the design up to that whole other level.

Because of a particular interest in art and culture we specifically welcome projects with a special insight into the wonders of the world or initiatives that help us shape our view on the future.

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Evelien Gillis (1990) graduated as an academic graphic designer at the School of Arts (KASK) Ghent in 2014 and developed a first level of typographic sensitivity as an intern designer at the multifunctional design office Catapult (Antwerp). She started working at design studio Canjotto (Gent) for mainly cultural and commercial clients, and grew an interest in book design at Armée de Verre (Gentbrugge), a design agency mainly working for publishing houses as Lannoo, Luster, WPG Publishers, …
In 2017 she started her own graphic design studio Goldmund and again strives to bring an eye for refined typography and a sensibility for balance to her design practice; giving projects the kind of intuitive sobriety she encounters through the style of CEREAL magazine, the intimate winter landscapes of Kaatje Vermeire (illustrator), and Max Richter's interpretation of the original 4 Seasons.